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On Wednesday, I spent time taking a reporter and camera man for Finnish Television through the Museum. Mark Looy and I were both interviewed for their program.

Also, the FOX affiliate from Lexington Kentucky visited the Museum and also interviewed Mark and me for a program to be shown mid-may before the Creation Museum opening.


An article that appeared in our local Cincinnati paper, has also appeared in other newspapers such as the Indianapolis Star:


Mally and I will be traveling to Branson Missouri where I will be speaking on Saturday and Sunday at a Worldview Conference. We are also going to visit some of the shows in Branson for a little R & R.

I've enclosed three photographs from the Creation Museum. 1) The theater where the gospel message will be presented; 2) Tower of Babel exhibit; 3) One of the dioramas for the Ark Room (the "Voyage Room"). Ken-requests-pro-4-24-07-06.jpg Babel-lion-4-24-07-052.jpg Ark-model4-24-07-062.jpg Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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