Creation Museum design team hard at work

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AiG is moving ahead with an official opening date of May 28 for the Creation Museum.  There is still much to be done, and still funds to be raised.

I thought it would be good to show you some photographs of some of the design team and ask you all to pray for each of the AiG staff involved in varied aspects of the Museum construction.  Also pray for the funds that still need be raised.

1.  Travis--working on a horseTravis-n-horse-4-5-07-041.jpg

2.  Carolyn weaving for propos for the Ark RoomCarolyn-weaving-4-3to5-07-0.jpg

3.  Jesse working on a gooseJesse-n-goose4-5-07-037.jpg

4.  Stephanie working on pottery for one of the dioramas in the Ark roomStephanie-n-pottery-4-3to5-.jpg

5.  A student sculpting an animal that will be prey for a dinosaur in the fallen world Student-sculpting-4-5-07-04.jpg

Thanks for your stopping by--please pray for all at AiG as work on the Creation Museum is fast and furious with the opening date less than two months away.


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