Adult stem cell research success

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Amidst the sad arguments that embryonic stem cells from aborted babies are needed for research,  we read yet another (of the many) successes researchers have had with ADULT stem cells:

A team of British scientists has succeeded in making stem cells develop into simple tissue structures that work like human heart valves…Sir Magdi's team, based at Harefield Hospital in west London, extracted adult stem cells from bone marrow, cultivated them into heart valve cells and put them on collagen scaffolds where they grew into discs of heart valve tissue an inch wide.
You can read the entire fascinating article at the UK Telegraph website.


Although its doors have yet to open, the high-tech Creation Museum  near Cincinnati, Ohio, is already expanding by 20 percent – adding about 10,000 square feet inside the state-of-the-art facility. The scheduled opening is set for Memorial Day, May 28, according to officials with Answers in Genesis, the museum’s builder. The ministry notes that initial interest in the museum is such that some parts of it (including the parking area) are not large enough to handle the anticipated crowds on the busiest days. As a result, there will now be nearly 60,000 square feet to handle the expected turnout.
You can read the entire press release at


"I just wanted to say that the last issue of Answers magazine (the Ark issue) was the best you have ever published. I really liked how the whole issue focused on one topic, the flood, but analyzed it from various angles and scientific disciplines…Keep up the great work and I can't get wait to go the museum."
"Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your articles in your last issue on fractals, the races, and William Wilberforce. I had Known the British had beaten us to the freeing of slaves but didn't know by how much. Thanks also for including the scientific and mathematic articles. sometimes a person forgets that God designed all the wonders of science, physics, math, etc."
“Your Flood issue is superb! It came just as our classes were getting to their Flood study. I hope we'll get some more subscribers from it, as I am pushing the magazine strongly.”
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The number of countries from which the Information Department has received e-mails this year (asking questions, requesting information etc), as of April 1, 2007, is now up to 81.  The 3 new ones we added during March were Israel, Lithuania, and Serbia.  AiG is reaching around the world.


Well today I spent over an hour with a reporter for a prestigious German newspaper.  He was quite cordial and listened to my answers—and asked good questions.  Then I was interviewed by a reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation—but this was a very anti-creationist agenda driven interview.  I found the reporter wasn’t interested in understanding the real issues—and he didn’t seem interested in understanding our position nor how to correctly understand science and the origins issue.  On Monday evening, a segment on the Creation Museum featured on CNN.  On Wednesday, NBC nightly news will be visiting to do a report on the Creation Museum.

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