AiG's Prayer and Fast Day

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The most important item today is AiG's prayer and fast day. Further information can be found our prayer website. Please consider joining us today to pray for many items including:

  1. The rest of the needed finances to finish the Museum and bring operations up to standard ready for opening.
  2. Personnel needed for various tasks (contractors, volunteers, etc.)
  3. Media---that the Lord will use secular and Christian media to help people understand the real importance of the Creation Museum
  4. Opposition---pray that the Lord will put a hedge of protection around AiG and deal with the Christian and non-Christian opposition to the Museum/AiG ministry and message
  5. Finances for the AiG general ministry
  6. That many will be saved through the AiG ministry and Creation Museum
  7. For all the upcoming Events/Speakers
  8. For health and safety of the AiG staff
  9. Praise for all the Lord has done through the AiG ministry/Praise for all the financial support received
  10. Pray for the AiG ministry in the UK and all the challenges they have

AiG's sculptors are busy at work throughout the Creation Museum. The photo is of Jesse as he works on a dinosaur for the Creation Walk exhibit.



Today (Wednesday, March 7), CDR radio will feature an interview with me by Chad Bressen, recorded at the recent NRB conference in Orlando. The program can be accessed online as it airs today at 5:05 p.m. by going to CDR’s website and clicking on CyberRadio, Listen Live. It can be heard any time after airing by going to the website (, clicking on Impact News, then Front Page, and selecting the calendar date of 3/07/07. The interview will remain on the website for a couple months before rotating off. CDR is also airing a talk I gave at a Worldview Weekend for their chapel program today (you can listen to that also).


Here are media contacts we had Tuesday:

  • CNN (a producer called today about flying out for a museum walk-through this month and may also film an AiG conference)
  • The Cincinnati Post (a business reporter wants to do a story on the economic impact the museum will have in the region when it opens)
  • The Kentucky Enquirer (a reporter called Tuesday afternoon; he and some of his editors want to tour in a few days)
  • a German newspaper reporter phoned us and wants to fly here in April for a tour and interview
  • a documentary producer in the West called and wants to film in the museum in April
  • a call from a publisher of a Christian newspaper in Missouri, who wants to write museum articles for his monthly paper
  • a representative with the Cedarville Radio Network (14 stations in Ohio) told us that AiG will be featured on two different radio programs Wednesday
  • AiG's view of the Discovery Channel's film that attacked the Resurrection on Sunday night was one of the national news stories distributed by the news agency today
  • A reporter for a large Christian magazine called to set up an interview with Ken Ham about the Creation Museum.
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying—we really need more and more people to be praying for the AiG ministry and Creation Museum.


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