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An article (actually, quite bizarre article) that appeared in Discover magazine about the Creation Museum has now appeared on the web site. A nice photograph from the inside of the Main Hall of the Museum appears on the front page. The article begins:

In the beginning, wrote God in His epic, loosely autobiographical best seller, The Bible, the Lord made the heavens and the Earth. Pondering from the vile comfort of the Marriott in Hebron, Kentucky, I assumed that this single statement represented the bulk, if not the entirety, of creationist ideology. Hence the name, I reckoned in a flash of insight. God created everything; if something exists, then God created it. Yes, that's what they believe, those creationists.
A creationist group called Answers in Genesis, which believes in the literal, scientific truth of the Bible, has decided to spend $27 million building a creation museum only minutes away by cab from this unlovely spot. When it opens in May, the museum is going to try to dazzle people with the wonder, beauty, and sheer scientific cunning exhibited by God during that action-packed week when He willed everything that exists into being. Yet the museum's founders have chosen to set it in one of the few spots on Earth that could plausibly have been designed by chimpanzees.
There is another great irony to the project, it occurs to me as I finish my coffee and rise to meet my driver: that of God almost certainly not existing.
Exiting the Marriott into a hail of filthy light, I make a mental note to bring this up with someone.
Frankly, if I were given $27 million to build a creationist museum, I probably would fill the place with stuff from my apartment. There'd be some cans of beef broth, a nice pair of cuff links, and that Kiss Destroyer LP I borrowed from my sister in 1979 and never returned. Then I'd blow the money on a launch party for the ages and settle into a routine of wandering about the place in a peaked cap and a jacket with epaulets, saying, "Ah, yes, a sachet of Newman's Own Microwave Popcorn, yet another of God's creations and further testament to His majesty."
The article gets even more bizarre—it’s ‘interesting’ reading . The full article is at:


A number of AiG personnel will be at the National Religious Broadcasters conference in Orlando Florida that begins this week. I will be flying to Orlando on Monday for a busy round of meetings and media interviews. Staff from our media department put together a quite spectacular booth for this conference—I will include some photographs of it in the next day or so. They drove the booth (and one of Buddy’s dinosaurs) down to Florida and set it up on Saturday.


Staff and contractors are working overtime at the Creation Museum to get everything finished on time. A number of people work on Saturdays and evening hours. I’ve included a photograph of the slate floor going in the Palm Plaza area.


The day this is posted (Sunday), I will be speaking at Hyland Heights Baptist Church in Lynchburg Virginia. While visiting the area, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Dr. David DeWitt, a Professor at Liberty University. Dr. DeWitt writes articles for AiG (and also does occasional speaking)—his latest article appeared on Friday on the AiG website. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so. Mally and I flew over to Virginia and we picked up a rental car. As we have a company account with the rental car company, they often give us a free upgrade. I was surprised to find they gave us a 2007 Mustang! It has been a fun car to drive—but a bit impractical! Mally has had to learn to be a contortionist to get in the car—you should see her trying to get out!!

I’ve also included a photograph of the side of the office part of the AiG complex showing the effects of the ice storm, and a photograph of the trees showing the ‘crystal forest’ formed by all the ice. Just driving around where we live, the trees look like they’ve been decorated with tinsel—they look so beautiful, yet all this ice has also been very deadly in many ways. More snow today (about three inches)—but it looks like there will be a bit of a warming trend into next week.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.



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