A counter to National Geographic Kids?

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One subscriber to ANSWERS magazine wrote:

This is our first year of receiving Answers Magazine. I just wanted to share what a blessing the magazine is to our family. Each time it comes, I use the Kids Answers section for science in our home school. The corresponding article in the adult magazine really helps to boost the information for my older kids, while allowing the younger ones to benefit as well. It has truly been a blessing. The only bad thing? It only comes every few months! Maybe in the future the kid's insert will become it's own monthly publication - a counter point to National Geographic Kids!


One day it’s bare walls—the next day it’s just like the two photographs as the Biblical authority room begins to take shape. These murals are the basis for the Scopes Trial exhibit and the Charles Templeton exhibit. The columns are part of the exhibit concerning the Patriarchs—the witnesses of the past concerning the authority of Scripture. Continue to pray for the staff as they are in high gear to finish the Museum by the end of May.

Today my computer totally crashed! I had to run it into the office for immediate surgery—but it did not survive! However, our son Jeremy, who works in the IT department has spent hours Monday afternoon and evening recovering data and installing back up files on another computer. It’s great having a son who works in the IT department and who still lives at home—it’s like having my own IT person (and of course Jeremy knows where he gets his meals etc!!) I’m just glad the crash happened today and not on weekend when I am in Texas speaking at a major conference! By the way, please pray for the AiG conference in Texas this weekend—and the TV and other interviews associated with it. For futher information go to our events page.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying (and please pray I get my computer totally up and running before I leave for Texas)


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