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I have some exciting news for you. My brother Stephen (who resides in Australia) has developed a creation evangelism home group study program. He has used this program now for over a year and has seen a number of people saved as a result. One young husband who was saved, began to use the same course on his previously "unreachable" father. He sent this email:

I spoke to my parents today for 3 hours about the evidence for Christianity! Wow... my Dad that never listens and is always right showed none of his normal characteristics. He listened, questioned and stayed with me. It was absolutely crazy. We spoke about evolution vs. creation science. He asked questions and I answered. We spoke about how the other religions are different and that Christianity is about what God has already done, not what we can do. My Mum was on the verge of tears and told me that she believes in God, but always thought you had to be good to go to heaven, as if God was just He would save the "good".....funny that.

He gave much more detail about how both his father and mother are now really searching and he is praying they will commit their lives to the Lord.

Now, before you ask me how you can obtain a copy of this practical creation evangelism program—Stephen is currently updating the course and hopes to release it at our special Family Camp this year (for details on the Family Camp where my brother Stephen and other exciting apologists will be speaking, go to our Family Camp web page. Stephen has been invited over to teach on this course at our Family Camp. He will also be a guest speaker with me at a Home School Conference in Kentucky.


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I have enclosed two photographs taken at the Creation Museum this week: One is taken at the entrance to the 7 C’s Creation Walk. In this area (on the right of the photo) is a small theater where people will see an animation depicting Adam being created from dust. The second photograph is of the construction of Paul’s jail (a life size Paul will be seen in this jail) in the Biblical Authority room.


I am adding a web site to my favorite links:

Our former pastor in San Diego (Pastor Tom Chesko) produces a devotional a number of times a month called “The Armchair Theologian.”

He shares some serious and not so serious thoughts that touch upon the real issues of life. Tom is one of my favorite expository Bible teachers. I believe all of you will benefit greatly from the teaching in these devotionals. I will let you know when each one is produced and include the link on my favorite links section. I would encourage you to go to and read his latest (and previous) devotionals.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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