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Every once in a while, it is good to be encouraged--and many of this blog's readers are great at that!

Here are a few comments we've received lately--I hope they're an encouragement to you too.

(From November 17, 2006) Just wanted to see if I could pass a message onto Ken Ham. I got the chance to ask him a question on the BBC radio program he was on on Wednesday in the UK and my husband (who is more eloquent than me) asked the last question in the segment. I just wanted to say that the little we heard from Ken (we couldn't get the channel on the radio) was very impressive and we hope that there were more supportive comments. I think it is important to support people who are prepared to stand up and argue for the Bible and The Truth therein. - M.M., UK

"News-To-Note" is awesome, I look forward to reading the responses to the secular news every Saturday. Keep up the great work! - D.H., Ohio

I just wanted to thank the AiG team for this fantastic ministry. As a laboratory scientist employed by a molecular diagnostics company, I personally appreciate the scientific insight your website provides.

In particular, I would like to thank you for your "News to Note" feature; it gives the reader an excellent overview of the week's events. As an Adelaide-native, your article on the Adelaide Zoo project directed me to the Advertiser website, where I read the full article. My praise point from this particular instance is that I wrote a comment to the editor, and it was published! So I thank God for the encouragement AiG gives, and also that a portion of His Word is now published in a widely-read secular medium!

I know there must be so many more stories from Christians like myself, who have stepped out in faith because of the teaching and encouragement your ministry is producing. So once again, thank you! -- R.L., Washington

Please continue to pray for us!

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