Visitors from the Ukraine

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Guest blog--Carl Kerby, AiG speaker

Visitors from the Ukraine


I had the wonderful privilege of showing Sergei Predit, the president of the Tavariski Christian Institute, and his translator, Eugen Eremia in the Ukraine around the offices recently. What a blessing! They were so encouraged to see the Lord working in such amazing ways and cannot wait to come back when it is finished. They both told me how excited they were by the quality of the work being done and the message.

Please pray for Dr. Crandall and AiG’s Worldwide ministry. He is in the process now of identifying leaders such as this that we will be able to bring here and train for 4 days and then send back to their countries with material in their native language that they can use to evangelize. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom in this area and the finances necessary to cover all of this travel, training and teaching.

Challenge your college student! If you have some college age students that you want to hear some solid, no-nonsense teaching I’ve got an idea for you. Mark Cahill, a dear personal friend, and I are working together in Michigan close to Traverse City. We will be going to Lake Ann Camp on Dec. 27 for 3 days of intense training in effective evangelism. No punches will be pulled as we challenge these young folks to step up their intensity levels in serving the Lord. For more info. take a look at

Successful recording! I just got a very kind note from Dr. Dennis Rainey of Family Life Today--my wife loves their program. (I do too!) We had the privilege of having Dr. Rainey come and share with AiG a few months ago. That also gave us the opportunity to show him around the Creation Museum. He was very excited. As a result he invited Ken to come and be on his radio program which they record six months in advance. It’s very exciting to see the Lord start opening doors for AiG to other ministries and ministry leaders like this. Ken did a great job, as usual. Dr. Rainey said in his note, “Your team would’ve been proud!”. Keep your ears open and look for these programs to be on in the near future.

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