"Creationization"--is that a word?

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Guest blog--Dr. Georgia Purdom, AiG speaker and researcher

I was talking to a colleague of mine the other day about several comments my daughter had made and he said, “good job on the thorough creationization' of your daughter!” (all credit must go to Dan Lietha, AiG illustrator, for the coining of this term). I’m not sure I have a definition of the word but let me give you some examples from several interactions I have had recently with my daughter (Elizabeth).

Mommy: What do you think dinosaurs ate when God first created them? Elizabeth: Blueberries Mommy: Who made the gorgeous sun we are seeing this morning? Elizabeth: Jesus Elizabeth commenting when pointing to a pterodactyl on a puzzle I gave her: “That’s in my Bible.” (I must admit this one at first stumped me but then I realized she was talking about Ken’s “My Creation Bible”). We were watching cartoons together one evening and on this particular episode of the Berenstain Bears (“Lost in a Cave”), brother bear comments that some fossils in a cave are a million years old. I asked Elizabeth if those fossils were a million years old and she said “no” and then we talked about Noah’s flood and how we can trust the Bible and what it tells us. When we see a picture of a “bathtub” Noah’s ark in a book I say, “Is that what Noah’s ark looked like?” She says “no” and will many times get her cardboard model ark to show me what it really looked like. Even though she in only 3 she thoroughly enjoys Ken and Buddy’s “Dinosaurs, Genesis, and the Gospel”. It’s never too young to start!

These are just a few examples, I could go on and on (especially when it concerns Elizabeth!). I am glad that I have the opportunity to teach her from a very young age the truth of the Bible and a proper understanding of all that God created. Children are so impressionable and hungry for knowledge, let’s make sure we provide them with the right impressions and the right knowledge. I believe this will give children the foundation necessary to help them understand the need for Jesus Christ in their heart from a very young age.

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