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This afternoon, I had a 15 minute session live on the BBC World Service. It was a call-in program, so I had a number of callers from different parts of the world (Sweden, Denmark, etc.). From what I could discern, none of the callers were in any way in agreement with Christianity---and certainly not in agreement with our position on Genesis. I tried to answer the questions (even though some were asked in a very scoffing way) forthrightly, but kindly. I was thrilled to receive this email from England a couple of hours after the program:

I just want to congratulate Ken Ham for his talk on BBC radio. I thought he answered all the questions amazingly and with dignity. 15 minutes was way too short for anyone to put across the whole message of creation, but the way Ken handled the questions was amazing. When reading the BBC forums I was disheartened and appalled by people's reaction before he was even on. I put in a message of encouragement, but I feel it probably went astray in the mass negativity. I just thought that Ken was really good, and I would love to hear him answer the critics on British television more often.
Such a program came about as a result of the mocking article about the Creation Museum that appeared in The Guardian UK newspaper. Just shows how the Lord can use even such mocking articles to enable us to get out ANSWERS on the BBC.


I never ceased to be amazed at the statements secular scientists make in order to explain life without God. Consider this article that appeared November 14th this week:

Was life on Earth inevitable? Life may be the ultimate in planetary stress relief, a new theory claims.

The appearance of life on Earth seems to face so many obstacles — sourcing the right ingredients, for example, and arranging them into living things (while being bombarded by meteorites) — that scientists often feel forced to regard it as almost miraculous. Now two US researchers suggest that, on the contrary, it may have been inevitable.

Well, “almost miraculous”—which means it has to be miraculous, but we refuse to believe! That’s why the Bible states in 2 Peter that such scoffers are "willingly ignorant"—it is a deliberate action on their part not to believe that God created.

To read the rest of this article, go to Was life on Earth inevitable?


Exciting testimony regarding the AiG--UK ministry:

On October 24 my school, Continental Theological Seminary, hosted our annual Missions Convention with booths and speakers from such varied ministries as Wycliffe Bible Translators to leprosy missions in India!
During this convention I had the great pleasure of manning a booth with my own personal materials from AiG and information provided by Mrs. Irene White [from the AiG UK office] in the UK. It was a smashing success with many people stopping by to ask questions and many leaving their information asking for more information from AiG! It was a wonderful time, and a great encouragement to many future ministry leaders! Thank you AiG for being there in the battle for truth, "from the very first verse"!
Today was a RADIO day! Mark Looy and I started the day by recording the next 45 daily radio programs. Then I had the call-in program with the BBC World Service, and then I did two interviews with CDR Radio. One of the interviews with CDR was about the Worldview Weekends I am speaking at this coming weekend in Ohio and Illinois.

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