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A supporter sent me a testimony this week concerning her involvement in Jewish evangelism:

About a year ago Ken Ham in the news letter talked about his trip to Israel. One of the other things I’m involved in is Jewish Evangelism. My goal is to take Creation Science to them. This past year I have been involved in a Messianic Synagogue and it’s been a real eye opener! Every year the Jewish community around the world goes completely through the first 5 books of the Bible in their weekly Synagogue Services. They call it the ‘weekly Torah portion’. The Torah portion is generally 3 to 5 chapters long. They start in Genesis sometime in Sept/Oct & they finish up in Deut. 34, around Aug/Sept. Apparently this system has been in place since before New Testament days. What they know about ‘from Abraham to Joshua’ would put most Christians to shame, but what they know about Genesis chapters 1 to 11 is basically nothing because they spend one week on Genesis 1:1 to 6:8 & then the following week from Genesis 6:9 to 11:32. And just like everybody else, the evolution lie has to be made null & void before they will listen to the truth of God’s word.


Some of you may have heard me talk about our dog (actually, my wife’s dog) when I deal with the topic of natural selection. I tell people our little degenerate mutant costs a lot of money to keep alive as she is one of those pure breeds and thus has all sorts of problems (because of sin!). Well—our dog needed another small operation. She had to have some cysts cut off her head. Now we have a white fluffy dog with a partially shaved head with a long cut and lots of stitches! Very appropriate for today as it is the 31st October, and the dog looks like some Halloween monster!!

Well after all the comments I’ve made about our dog in my talks, I thought I would make it up to my wife this morning, so I took her out for morning tea (Australians have morning tea and afternoon tea!) to a quaint Tea Room. Now she wants me to do this on a regular basis!

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