Volunteers at AiG are incredible!

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We praise the Lord for the thousands of volunteers who have helped AiG over the many years of the existence of the ministry. Please read the report below from a group of volunteers this past week—it is a story of sacrifice and dedication. I have enclosed photographs of the volunteers in their various places of service at AiG.

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Gerilyn Ancona and Gail Reynolds are both teachers at Lisbon Falls Christian Academy. With their husbands, Troy and Steve, they traveled with six students in a 15-passenger van. The students are: Alexis Ancona, Evan Ancona, Alyssa Boucher, Kyle Brewin, Seth Costanzo and Gina Valentin.

Note the one-way travel time and distance: Total Est. Time: 16 hours, 29 minutes Total Est. Distance: 1038.16 miles

Everyone has done an outstanding job at every assigned task. However, I was especially encouraged by the following example of the heart for God that I have seen in our young volunteers. Alyssa Boucher willingly accepted the job of seeing that visitors could safely enter the building, with construction under way. This required sitting outside, alone most of the day—in rain, wind and unseasonably cold temperatures. The second day, Alyssa cheerfully greeted me in the morning, with a request. She explained that she had a lot of time on her hands, between visitors—more than enough to complete her schoolwork. Her request? A list of people and needs that she could pray for, so that her volunteering time could make the greatest possible difference for AiG and the Creation Museum! I later learned from Gerilyn that Alyssa had also had an opportunity to witness to one of the contractors!


This week in each blog entry, I’ve included feedback we’ve received this week about Answers magazine. Here is one from what was received today:

My subscription started with Answers vol. 1 no. 1… I do LOVE Answers. I only have one complaint. You only publish 4 times a year! I want more! At least 6-8 times a year would be awesome! Also, do you have any plans to make Kids Answers a full on magazine of it's own to compete with the secular kids magazines out there?


From a mother concerning My Creation Bible:

Last night my daughter and I were reading My Creation Bible (one of her favorites) and we were getting close to the part that talks about Noah’s Ark. She suddenly wanted off my lap and told me she’d be right back. I couldn’t imagine what she was going to do. She went over to her bookcase and got a model ark that I had recently put on her shelf and came back and held it while we talked about the ark. I was so impressed at the connections she was making. We often use My Creation Bible and the model ark when we look at some of her books that show a bathtub-shaped ark with all the animals spilling out of it. I will ask her (of the incorrect-shaped ark), “Is that what the ark looked like?” and she will shake her head and say “No!” It’s so great to have resources that use the Bible as the starting point for interpreting these Biblical events!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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