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Ken with Platypus

The first photo today shows me holding a wonderful gift that arrived this week. It’s a platypus, of course—an incredibly designed creature from my native land of Australia. It was handcrafted from wood by Mr. LaVerne Anderson of Des Moines, Iowa, a long-time friend of AiG and a museum charter member in fact, every few months, he makes the 550-mile drive (one way) to check on the museum’s progress here in Northern Kentucky.

One of his hobbies is wood-working. He also made a wooden platypus for our CCO, Mark Looy (who also happens to be an Aussie). Thanks, LaVerne. As I often say, the platypus is my favorite animal. I sometimes say that I think every time an evolutionist looks at the platypus, I think God smiles! Think about it: it has a bill like a duck, a beaver-like tail, webbed feet like an otter, hair like a bear, claws like a reptile, lays eggs like a turtle, and has poison like a snake! But, it’s designed to do what it does do and what it does do it does do well—doesn’t it, don’t you think, I think it does, do you? I do, hope you do, too, do you?

Staff Appreciation Week Began Monday

Staff Appreciation Week
Staff Appreciation Week

Members of the leadership team, including myself, served our staff pizza for lunch today. This was the beginning of our “staff appreciation week.” I have attached a photo of some of the staff having the pizza lunch and one photo of me serving my mother and sister who joined with the staff for lunch.

We have many other things planned for the staff this week including:

  • Monday, Sept. 25—Pizza Party from 11:30 AM–1:00 PM
  • Tuesday, Sept. 26—Special prize giveaways throughout the day, recognition of the 200th Employee
  • Wednesday, Sept. 27—Dessert Social (2:00–3:00 PM) and complimentary Vehicle Identification Number etching for cars both provided by Liberty Mutual
  • Thursday, Sept. 28—Appreciation gift giveaway to all employees
  • Friday, Sept. 29—Staff breakfast, Casual day (hot breakfast served by leadership team).

Another “Wow” for Answers Magazine

I have just finished the first issue of Answers Magazine & all I can say is WOW!!!! I have rarely if ever read a magazine from cover to cover but I did this one. Anyone who hungers for the Truth will be overwhelmed by all of the information & how it relates to God’s Word. Bless you for all of the tools you are putting in the hands of God’s people. May He bless & protect you always.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, I urge you to do this as soon as you can at this link:

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