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We had a very important visitor at AiG today—my Mum (Norma Ham) came over from Australia for a couple of weeks with my sister Rosemary and her husband Paul, as well as a friend of the family, Michael.

While my Mum’s health is good, she took the opportunity to make this visit—she really wanted to see the museum and she wasn’t sure if her health would be ok next year when it opens.

I’ve enclosed some photographs as I showed them through the museum today. The group photo from left to right: Rosemary and Paul Whincop, myself, Mum Ham and Michael Hayes.

092206_.jpg 092206_2.jpg 092206_3.jpg

Our family is looking forward to spending time with my mother. This is the first time she will have seen her four American great grandchildren.


Remember the exciting outreach of AiG to Mississippi after the Hurricane? Our supporters gave to provide thousands of backpacks to public school students. This response this week was exciting:

Today, August 3rd, 2006 i brought my son to school to meet his teacher. He is going into the 5th grade at Taconi elementary in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I was so touched to see that his school was giving out free backpacks to all the kids. At first he was hesitant to take one because there were a few kids in line but he finally decided that he would get one too. You see, most of the kids at the school had damage to their homes or lost them completely. it was so nice to see the smiles on their faces when they received a new backpack. Some parents looked relieved because that means a few less dollars that has to go out this month for school.

As soon as my son, J.J. got in the car he was opening his to see what was inside. He was so excited to get the pencils and notebooks. I found your card inside and wanted to personally thank you for helping out south Mississippi!!! We really need your prayers!! Thanks SSSSSSSSSSSoooooo very much. You brought a smile to the kids and a tear to my eyes!

On Saturday, Mally and I will be traveling to Ohio for Saturday night and Sunday ministry in the home church of Buddy Davis. For more information go to: AiG Warsaw, OH event.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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