Rock formed in a day!

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Sculptor Carol Forsythe has been making rock each day on the Creation Walk of the Creation Museum. It doesn’t take millions of years to make rock! I have included two pictures of Carol and some of the rock she has been sculpting, getting the 7 C’s walk ready for the plants, animals and the animatronic Adam that will be part of this exhibit. One of the photographs includes Travis—AiG’s youngest sculptor.

Today I spoke three times at the Pastors’ Conference in Brownsburg, Indiana. On Tuesday, I speak twice then Mally and I will head on home. We have some very special visitors coming this week. My sister and brother-in-law are bringing my mother over for a couple of weeks. Mum wanted to see the Creation Museum while her health is good in case she can’t next year for the opening.

Next weekend, Buddy Davis and I will be at a program at Buddy’s church in Ohio. This church is in Amish country. For further information on next weekend’s program, go to: AiG in Warsaw, OH.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.

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