A busy day at the Creation Museum

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It was a hive of activity at the Creation Museum today. There are more and more people building, sculpting, painting, installing exhibits—it just seems like there are busy people everywhere. Also lots of volunteers involved in all sorts of activities.


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Today the 42-foot-long Sauropod dinosaur (originally sculpted by Buddy Davis), now made into a startling animotronic dinosaur for the Museum Lobby, was delivered.

Photographs show the dinosaur was delivered in a number of parts. Technicians are currently installing it in its permanent location. One photograph shows a little of the animatronics inside the model.



One of the most spectacular rooms in the building is currently being installed—the Wonders Room. I’ll tell you more about this incredible room as the work proceeds.

The photograph shows a portion of one of the many large columns that make up part of this exhibit that will feature the wonders of creation.


A number of the 50 life-size human figures that will be featured in the Creation Museum (some of which will be animatronic) were also delivered today.

Things are getting into high gear with only six months untill opening.

Keep praying for the final funds needed for the Museum project (only $2 million of the budgeted $25 million to go—plus $2 million needed for the expansion of the portico, parking spaces and café).

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