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Using God-given talents at AiG

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Mally and I arrived in Saltillo, Mexico (we flew into Monterey and drove nearly two hours to Saltillo). We set up at the conference center and tonight had dinner with many of the vendors and helpers, and I met my translator. He has already watched a number of my videos to get familiar with the subject matter and terms. He seems very confident that the simultaneous translation will go very well.

I feel quite at home in Saltillo—my cell phone works and we have wireless internet at the hotel!!! (View event information.) Please pray for the programs, and that the Spanish-speaking audience will understand the messages as they are simultaneously translated.

Before I left for Mexico, I was downstairs in the museum graphic arts studio (where the exhibits for the Creation Museum are being designed and constructed) and I was struck again by the many, many young people involved in the museum project. Most of these gifted artists (illustrators, sculptors, etc.) are under 30!

Two of these artists are Jon and Elizabeth Seest. I recently came across the personal website and was amazed at their creativity. Jon, originally from Illinois, has a degree in commercial art and graphic design, and later received a master's degree that specialized in fine art. Working just a few feet away, Elizabeth also has a master's degree in art. They attended the same Bible college in Florida.

Here's a sample of Jon's non-museum work ... a portrait of his wife found on their website.

And here is something from Elizabeth ... a portrait of her husband, Jon.

I think you'll agree that there's a lot of talent in this family, and we're blessed to have their ability being used here at AiG.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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