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An AiG supporter who lives in San Diego recently opened a research facility in Mexico. This supporter, who is an ardent creationist, has done a lot on cancer research, which he prays will result in some major breakthroughs in certain cancer treatment. He has honored the Lord in his work and sent this report:

Our building in Tecate has been featured on Mexican TV and in the newspaper as it is the first monoclonal, clean room, vivarium in Mexico of that type. Moreover, we are the first biotechnology company in Baja California and God has already assembled for us a great starting team of 4 scientists as we start our quest into 17 cancers looking for new diagnostics and therapies…We have a new moto for our company for our letterhead, shirts, etc. which is "Harnessing God's great antibody creation"…I want to show you the new Tecate facility. It has brought great opportunities to state that the Lord Jesus Christ is both Creator and Savior. We have a large bronze plaque at the front of the door.


The plaque reads:

The Wine of Remembrance Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, May His great creation be researched in this building and applied to benefit the world he died and rose to save from sin.

Dedicated May 20, 2006

We bring all visitors at the start of their tour to this plaque and we pause as they read it - it is a solemn time like a moment of silent prayer…We have brought Jews, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Europeans to this plaque and they all understand our stand for the Lord Jesus Christ - that for us He is the great God of the Universe, the great Creator and lover of our souls and that we take our stand for Him. Then we bring them to the day care center where we have beautiful paintings on the wall of Noah's flood and the Lord Jesus welcoming the children to Him and then of a castle that symbolized Heaven with the door into the castle in the shape of a cross.

We tell them how our company seeks to operate by the principal that he that is greatest among you should be servant. So, we show them a picture of a typical Tuesday morning when we select 25 employees (we have about 240 total in Tecate) and the 12 managers bring them to our company restaurant and cook breakfast for them and serve them. Then as they eat each of the managers speaks to each of the employees to get to know them.

We pray the Lord will bless their research.


Dear AIG, Thank you for offering the newly released DVD series entitled, "The Great Debate." The additional audio tracks by Dr. Mortenson are a tremendous blessing, and are a wealth of additional information. Very informative! I have a much renewed confidence in the merits of young earth creationism, and didn't realize what a compromised interpretation old earth proponents were imposing on the scripures until watching this series…God bless you all as you move forward in completing the museum!

Please pray for the meetings I will be speaking at in Sandy Cove, Maryland, for the next three days.

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