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This week, a special group of researchers has met at AiG for many hours of discussions on the topic of "information." Dr. Werner Gitt is one of the special guests—he is the author of the book In the Beginning was Information. In this book, Dr. Gitt shows clearly that life is built on a code system and information—and that such a code system (as well as the information it reads) has to come from an intelligence. The forum this week is meant to lay the groundwork for a new publication that AiG is sponsoring to summarize the latest material on this vital topic.

I have enclosed a photograph of the research group, which also includes some AiG staff. 071306_1.jpg

Members of the group include:

Bob Compton, DVM, Ph.D. Physiology Werner Gitt, Ph.D. Engineering (Physics/Information) (Germany) Andy McIntosh, Ph.D. Combustion Theory/Thermodynamics (England) Jason Lisle, Ph.D. Astrophysics Georgia Purdom, Ph.D. Molecular Genetics John Oller, Ph.D. Linguistics Dave Mateer, Computer Science Royal Truman, Ph.D. Chemistry (Germany) John Sanford, Ph.D. Genetics (ICR) Kevin Anderson, Ph.D. Microbiology (CRS) Mike Riddle, forum leader

Pray for the group as they continue discussions over the next few days.

Dr. Andy Macintosh and Dr. Werner Gitt spoke in AiG staff chapels this week. I have also attached photographs of these men. 071306_2.jpg 071306_3.jpg

I was involved in two secular newspaper interviews about the Creation Museum and the new Answers magazine this afternoon—and another secular newspaper interview concerning the museum is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

The staff is preparing for a fundraising banquet this weekend, when we will also be dedicating the planetarium and the new bookstore. The donors who funded these two sections of the Creation Museum will be present for this special time.

Thanks for praying and thanks for stopping by.


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