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Today at the Christian Booksellers Convention I did a number of interviews for radio and other media. I also did a book signing for Genesis of a Legacy for an hour. As people received their signed book, many told me of how much the AiG ministry meant to them. A man from Romania pleaded with us to help them get more creation materials for that country---I had him do a phone blog for me and you can hear it at by clicking on the previous blog entry. One man told me the Lord used an AiG seminar to bring him to salvation.

I received an email this week from a pastor who started reading Genesis of a Legacy. He said:

I have already begun reading your book and am having trouble putting it down...You write in such a way that I feel as if I'm eavesdropping on an intimate conversation with another family member.

It was a long, busy day, but very rewarding. I have enclosed a photograph of me signing the Genesis of a Legacy book and a photo of one of the radio interviews I was involved in. If you haven't ordered a copy of Genesis of a Legacy (and the curriculum that goes with it), go to:

071106_1.JPG 071106_2.JPG


Here is a great testimony from a woman who attended my sessions in North Carolina:

I just wanted to let you know how blessed my family and I have been by your ministry at AIG. We just returned from attending your conference at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina and it has strengthened and encouraged our faith.

I have been a long time reader and user of the AIG website and materials. I use the info. I have found to help counteract the evolutionary world view that permeates my children's lives, but this info was all new to my husband. After convincing him that this would be a great oppotunity to hear an important message, he agreed to join me and the children at the conference. Was he ever glad he did! He was fired up afterwards and was ready to buy your entire library of books. (Fortunately we already have a lot of them at home.)

Ken did such a good job of speaking in a way that all people could understand and my teenage children really appreciated his sense of humor. My husband and children are already planning a vacation next summer that will revolve around the Creation Museum. Thanks for all the hard work that you do spreading the Gospel through creation ministry. We plan to use this type of evangelism in our home and church to equip others to defend the Word of God. May God continue to bless you at AIG.

Thanks for praying and thanks for stopping by. On Wednesday I return home. We have a busy few days ahead of us---lots of meetings, some special visitors and a fundraising banquet for the museum (only $4.5 million to go, by the way---you can donate here).

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