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At the homeschool conference in Columbus on Saturday, a seven-year-old boy came up on stage and handed me an envelope saying, "Mr. Ham, this is my donation for the Creation Museum." Isaac’s donation was handed into the office this morning and I have attached a copy of the note Isaac wrote.

Thanks, Isaac—every little bit helps. We pray the Lord will greatly bless the sacrificial gift you gave to the Creation Museum.


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I have also included a photograph of the AiG board of directors, the leadership team (minus Dr. David Crandall, who is away at a conference) and our marketing consultant taken today (Monday) outside the lobby entrance to the Creation Museum. You can see the arch bridge that was built last week (by a team of volunteers) in the background.

The board met today—they gave many positive comments about the exciting things happening at AiG. They continue to meet Tuesday morning to discuss AiG’s vision for the future.

Pastor Don Landis (AiG’s board chairman and very gifted Bible teacher) spoke at staff devotions this morning, and will do so for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings—then Pastor Landis will be one of the keynote speakers at the Creation College 2 (you can still register for this program and join 400--500 others). I have also enclosed a photograph of Don (being his usual animated self) speaking to the staff this morning.

Tonight, the board, leadership team and some special guests met a local restaurant for a time of fellowship over a meal. What a special team the Lord has raised up for this ministry. The leadership team and board are such godly people who so want to obey the Lord in all they do.

Thanks for praying and thanks for stopping by.


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