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Mally and I (and two of our daughters, my brother and his family) have been staying with the Landis family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for the past few days. During this "vacation" time, Don Landis, who is the chairman of AiG's board of directors, showed me his outlines for his talks at Creation College. Don is a phenomenal bible teacher (he also runs a small Bible college associated with Rocky Mountain Lodge, a Christian camp he and his family run) who really understands where the culture is at today. He will be giving a series of messages at Creation College on how to communicate to a postmodern culture.

Hundreds have already registered for Creation College. If you haven't registered yet, why not consider attending this unique event? This is not just a time for training those who want to teach the creation message, but will also be a great time of teaching that will benefit all Christians. You can view the program and register at our Creation College 2 website.

Before Creation College, Don Landis and the rest of the AiG board of directors will meet for one of the many board meetings they have during the year. I praise the Lord for such a group of godly men who are so committed to studying God's Word, obeying biblical principles and governing the AiG ministry. Pray for this board meeting time as they meet to discuss many issues, including the opening of the Creation Museum and our vision for the future.


I have attached a photograph of Don Landis holding an umbrella so my brother David could get video of the Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone---a storm came through just as the Old Faithful burst forth. We had a great time of fellowship with Don and his wife Bev this past few days. I have also attached a photograph of my wife Mally and Bev Landis taken at Yellowstone. I know we don't say this enough, but without such dedicated and godly wives who stand behind their husbands, neither Don or I would be able to be involved in the ministries the Lord has called us to be a part of.


Thanks for stopping by, and please pray for the upcoming Creation College.


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