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This week, Carl Kerby is leading a rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. This is not just a "fun" tour; we have qualified people with the rafting group who will teach concerning the evidence in the Grand Canyon consistent with the Flood of Noah's Day, and who will, of course, show how the evidence does not fit with millions of years.

I recently went on a two-day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon with a group of AiG supporters (see photographs). I have attached one photograph showing bent layers in the Grand Canyon. Such evidence is very significant, because this means the layers could not have been bent if they had solidifed millions of years ago---the layers had to be bent while they were still soft. This is powerful evidence against the secular world's explanation of millions of years for the deposition and uplifting of layers at the Grand Canyon.

I also included a photograph of some hummingbirds, which I took at the ranch we stayed at the night before we got on the rafts. We also saw a number of hummingbirds in the Grand Canyon during the rafting trip.



Today (Sunday), I am giving a museum update and a relevance-of-creation talk at Community Bible Church in Jackson Hole Wyoming (even though I'm on vacation!). This church is pastored by the chairman of AiG's board of directors (so I guess I have to give up a little vacation time!), Don Landis. Don also runs a Bible college at Jackson Hole.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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