A huge blessing!

by Ken Ham on June 7, 2006

A supporter writes:

I have appreciated Ken Ham's ministry since his days at ICR. However, I must admit that, financially speaking, I have stayed on the sidelines of creation ministry. However, when I read the "Web Feedback" article, "Stellar evolution, distant starlight and biblical authority" by Dr. Jason Lisle and ... [David Wright] that tipped the scales for me. That article contained such clarity of thought, while retaing a high degree of respect for the letter-writer.

I decided that I had waited far too long to offer my regular financial support. I began to think to myself what a blessing it has been to have such a rich resource as AIG to help me to read Scripture plainly. I thought to myself that I could play a part in allowing others to have that same opportunity, to know that the Bible and true science need not be at odds.

Thanks, Ken, Jason, ... [David], and the whole AIG family. You have been a huge blessing in my life for many years, and now I hope to return the favor in a small way, as a regular monthly supporter. (By the way, your web site makes it extremely easy to set up regular giving.) God bless you all.

Well today, we paid a lot of money so we could walk around and get sore feet, sore backs, and then stand in long lines for hours---yes, such an event is called going to Disneyland! Mally and I took my brother David and his wife and son to Disneyland---not that I wanted to actually go to Disneyland, but this is David, Thelly and Shane's first trip to the USA, so we thought we would do this for them! Tomorrow we go to Universal Studios (which I prefer); I guess we'll pay more money to get sore feet, sore backs and stand in more lines for hours---what a great way to have fun!

Well, at least it is a break! And I needed this to spend time with family.

I wanted to put up some photographs from the Grand Canyon, but there is some sort of corruption on my mini-drive used in the camera---the photos are all there, but I can't download them, so that may have to wait for when I get back to the office next week. Keep watch for them.

I've asked some of the staff to write some guest blogs over the next couple of days. I trust you'll enjoy reading some of what's going on at AiG while I'm gone.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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