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At AiG, our staff does its best to call most people who donate to personally thank them. I also personally call a number of people to thank them. We receive many encouraging comments from our supporters, like this one:

Hi there, I received the most wonderful phone message the other day from Bill with your organization. My family contributed $100 toward your Creation Museum & Bill called to personally thank us. It's so refreshing to hear a personal thank you. I wanted to say that we borrowed a copy of 6 DVD's of Ken Ham speaking about the Answers we find in Genesis. My father is a scientist, an unbeliever, and an evolutionist. I have lent these DVD's to him in the hopes that his eyes will be opened to the truth of God's word.

I have often wondered about dinosaurs, fossils, and "cavemen" but had never heard a satisfactory answer until watching these DVD's. Thank you so much for the tools to try to unravel what society has been selling us for so long. I don't know that we'll be able to come see the Creation Museum in person - it's a long trip from the Pacific Northwest. Please keep doing what you're doing - people are being blessed! In Christ.

I am in California right now with Mally and two of our daughters. We met up with my brother David, his wife Thelly and son Shane yesterday. They flew in from Australia; we checked into the hotel and then went straight to Disneyland until late last night. When we arrived back at the hotel, they looked like they were evolving into something awful! I'm not sure I want to see what they look like this morning when they wake up.

While I'm away, I keep up with what is happening at the office by cell phone, email, and various other means. I understand the word vacation means "having a break away while staying in touch using modern technology!" For some reason, Mally has a different definition!

Thanks for stopping and thanks for praying,


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