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National Public Radio put up an article on its website giving the latest and greatest evidence for evolution. How are creationists going to answer this powerful evidence? As you read the article, you will see the evidence is "overpowering." Let me summarize it for you:

  • guppies produce guppies
  • bighorn sheep produce bighorn sheep
  • elephants produce elephants
  • Atlantic Silverside fish produce Atlantic Silverside fish
  • bacteria produce bacteria

Now they do talk about natural selection and variation within each of these groups that results in certain ones surviving better than others—and they say this is evidence of rapid evolution. Sadly, students are indoctrinated in public schools that such examples of natural selection equate to Darwinian evolution! However, natural selection only operates within a particular KIND—on the gene pool that already exists within that kind.

You can read the article for yourself at:


Maybe I shouldn’t use the word "evolving"—but I’m using it according to the definition of the word! The bog on the grounds of the Creation Museum has been planted with all sorts of carnivorous plants and other bog flora. Our horticulturalists are really working hard on the grounds—they are turning into a showpiece. By the time the museum is open next year, even the gardens / nature walks will be startling exhibits in themselves.

Have a great Memorial Day—thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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