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I am often asked about whether AiG has a policy in regard to trying to get creation into public schools. I tell the media that our "modus operandi" is to pump information out from AiG and spread it as widely as possible. The more people (like students) become informed regarding the arguments for creation and the Christian faith, and against evolution, the more this will affect the public schools as students take these arguments to their friends and teachers, etc. The following testimony is an example of the sort of thing that can happen:

I am a middle school student that has gone through countless ridicule over my creationist religion. My science teacher would ask me to write a paper about my beliefs before he would believe them, lead me on for days, and then refuse to read it because it was not about evolution.

Then I saw this organization. You have provided me comfort and a sense of peace throughout my problems with school and even my own dad. I tell everyone I can about it, without cramming it down their throats. Even when my science teacher or others refuse to believe me and ridicule me, I find it hard to find a sense of smugness because I know that one day they will have to admit that God created the earth in 6 days and Jesus is his son who died just so we could have our sins forgiven and live forever in the presence of the great I AM.

Thank you for your ministry, and please keep up your good work and life-changing ministry, for me and many others. Thank you, and may God bless you and lead you in His ministry of the Son of Man.


Agape Press released a news story quoting me concerning the recent story about the Vactican astronmer who likened believing in six-day creation to paganism!

The report stated:

Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno recently told The Scotsman newspaper that believing God created the universe in six days, as stated in the Bible, is a form of superstitious paganism, akin to the idea of "nature gods" that pagans believed were responsible for natural phenomena such as thunder and lightning. However, a leading creation scientist says the papal astronomer's contention that Six-Day Creationists are practicing paganism is "absolutely absurd."

Ken Ham, president of the apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis, contends that Consolmagno misunderstands the meaning of the word "science" as applied to the past and the present, just as many in contemporary culture do. "There's a big difference between observational science and historical science," Ham says, "and unfortunately today what's happened is that the secular scientists who have taken over the public educational system have basically arbitrarily defined science as naturalism."

You can read the full report at the Agape Press website.


Some of our talks are on other websites such as We receive feedback from these sites from time to time, like this one from

I am a salesman and see people at their houses every day. I carry a cd with Ken Ham's sermons which I leave behind if I feel that the people will really listen to it. So Ken, hope to see you here in South Africa some day, I am spreading your sermons.

This photo shows more of the Creation Museum bookstore nearing completion.

Well—I have to face an effect of the Fall tomorrow morning (I’m always looking for ways to explain things from a Christian worldview, based on a literal Genesis)—I have to go to the dentist! And yes, it’s time to mow again!

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