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We received a great report from AiG--UK’s ministry in Switzerland. (The Philip referred to is Philip Bell, speaker and writer with AiG--UK.)

A very warm hello from this side of the North Sea! While still rejoicing in the blessing from the conference in Britain, two weeks ago, I am just back from Switzerland. I did not know if I would make it, but the Lord opened the doors and I was there from Tuesday morning until yesterday evening. I could hear Philip speak, as well as other blessed speakers. Just as an encouragement to you, some things that happened. The occasion was the Kwa Sizabantu ministers conference, where about 400 people attended from all over Europe. There was a large proportion from Eastern Europe. Other speakers were the Rev. Erlo Stegen and Friedel Stegen from the South African revival, a minister who is heading the Armenian churches in the diaspora, another French minister, the president of the World Evangelical Alliance, and Peter Hammond, a missionary who has been ministering to the Sudan in the war area. Philip's talk was a great blessing. The theme of the conference was: More than Conquerors. He showed the relevance of creation to the gospel preaching, the view of Jesus and the writers of the New Testament, and in-between showed the different compromises which people can fall into. All from a perspective that the ministers might encounter people who have such thoughts (and in the meantime addressing, without mentioning it, the possibility of some of the ones present having the same thoughts). It was very well received. Many people took catalogues and I am sure there will be more invitations from countries. A very special thing was that Philip was asked some questions by Polish, Rumanian and Czech students and ministers afterwards. Even the lady who translated for Philip some time ago in Poland was there. There were so many questions that he ended up giving another private question-and-answer time for Eastern Europeans from 2:30 until 4:00, with about 15--20 persons. Even when he was making his way to the exit, others approached him. To God be the glory!

"Adam’s house" is being constructed on the Creation Walk part of the Creation Museum (of course, we know EXACTLY what his house looked like!).


I flew to Oklahoma today to speak at the Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Convention over the next two days. I am giving keynote lectures as well as workshops. You can find out more information on the event page. Please pray for this event.

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