"Forgive me for doubting" (retraction)

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[Updated Retraction - 05/25/06: The e-mail testimony that appeared in the blog has been challenged as to its authenticity, and we have therefore chosen to remove it.

AiG receives thousands of e-mails each year. We do have different levels of authenticating procedures. This testimony included information that could only come from someone at the conference, and such a testimony is really not that different to other testimonies we’ve received in the past—the email address was verified to be a valid one--so there was no reason for us to doubt the content.

Update: We have not been able to confirm the writer’s identity and therefore suspect that someone purposed to discredit this ministry by issuing a false statement. We apologize for causing anyone or any other ministry concern through this post. We are improving our methods for confirming feedback and we are working hard to ensure this does not happen again. Editor]

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