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The AiG--UK creation conference (as far as we know, the largest such intensive creation conference ever in the UK) continues with most of the participants turning up to every session---they are absorbing the information like sponges.

I was interviewed by the London Telegraph today. I had the usual questions. The reporter went on to say, though, that because the creation belief means the Creator acted in the past, this can't be scientifically proved. But, evolutionists can experiment with chemicals to see if they could form life---and even though they haven't, they might one day, and the fact that they can experiment this way means evolution is science but creation isn't! With that sort of logic, it is not easy to talk to such reporters. They have been so brainwashed.

A man at the conference from the Netherlands told me today that it was only when he heard the case for creation and the stumbling block of evolution was removed that he turned to the Lord and became a Christian. He told me that now he is "on fire" for the Lord and for this ministry, which is why he is here at the conference to learn.


Of course, one of my great worries while I'm away is if my lawn is being mowed! Some of you may remember my blog a few days ago where I said my son-in-law will have to mow my lawn---I thought if I made that public information, he would have no option but to mow! So today, our son-in-law Bodie (who also heads up the Answers department at AiG) sent me this phtograph. I assume this means he is mowing our lawn!


A news item in one of greater Cincinnati's main newspapers (the Post) today bemoaned the lack of funds for developing a park in the area called Big Bone Lick. This park is famous for the bones of mastodons that were found there. However, in the article, they just had to have a gripe with AiG and the Creation Museum. Here is what was stated in the middle of the article:

There is another reason for getting on with this. It is a reason rarely touched upon in state and local political discourse, as it's dicey to do so in a climate that awards points for backing the faith-based agenda. Big Bone, where bones tell the stories of species fit and unfit to survive, is just down the road from the spiffy Answers in Genesis creationist museum, due to open in 2007. We harbor no grievance with Answers in Genesis. It's a group with undisguised beliefs, and hey, it's a free country. If someone wants to believe the dinosaurs went along for the ride on Noah's Ark, believe away. But there's a risk here. Boone County, and more widely, our region, could become known as a spot on the map where people reject science.
This is so typical of the Post—which really is more of a tabloid than a real newspaper. You can read the whole article at this link: The Cincy Post

Thanks for stopping by---and keep praying for the UK conference.


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