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Another transitional form?

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Just recently, the news media made a fossil of a fish (called Tiktaalik) headline news, claiming it was a link between fish and tetrapods (four-legged animals). AiG had a preliminary report up very quickly showing they had just found another lobe-finned fish.

This week in headline news, another "missing link" (from Ethiopia) supposedly helps scientists with evidence for the lineage from ape-like ancestors to man! AiG will have a detailed article on this new find up on Monday (unless there is another "hot" item that moves it to Tuesday). Make sure you check the AiG website for this article by one of the best-known creationist human evolution researchers, Marvin Lubenow (author of the book Bones of Contention).


A personal note! Our youngest child (Kristel, 18 years old) attends a Christian karate group for the purpose of learning self-defense. Recently she received her 2nd degree black belt. I have attached two photographs of her doing her test---one is of breaking a board in two, and the other a particular move with an opponent. I think I should employ her as one of our security guards!

Please continue to pray for the upcoming conference in the UK.

I had previously asked you to pray about the threatened strike by Delta airline pilots (the Cincinnati airport is a major hub for Delta). We heard this weekend that there is a tentative agreement between the airline and the pilots, and it looks like the strike has been averted. This is certainly a praise point---we have many flights booked on Delta for various speakers, including our trip to the UK.

Oh---I did mow the lawn again this weekend! I’ll have to get our son-in-law to do it while Mally and I are away, or it would be a jungle by the time we arrived back from the UK! (This blog entry is putting him on notice before all of you to do this! He has no choice now!)

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