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I thought you might be interested to see this entry on Amazon.com:

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved by Ken Ham

Creationist Dinos: "Ken Ham has the credentials, but his brand of Christianity blinds him to what the fossil evidence says. Ken should probably stop telling God what she can and can't do."

Well—at least the book is listed!


We have a number of articles on the AiG website dealing with bacteria, viruses, disease and mutations. It’s sad to see how the general public continues to be led astray by articles like this one from the "Times Online" that begins:

ANYONE doubtful about Darwin should do a little homework on flu. There is no intelligent design in a virus — only the mindless force of natural selection. Darwin realised that random errors in reproduction will automatically ensure successive generations become adapted to their environments. Viruses are the speeded up version of evolution — the whole process is happening before our eyes.

To read the whole article go to the Times Online, and remember, there is NO NEW information involved in such mutations—and viruses remain viruses.


You will find this article from South Carolina interesting. It begins:

Textbooks emerged Monday as the new battle front in the evolution debate.

In a 3-to-2 vote, a House education subcommittee authorized the addition of language to a Senate bill that directs the state Board of Education to approve only textbooks that “emphasize critical thinking and analysis in each academic content.”

You can read the whole article at: TheState.com.

Well, I don’t go away until Mally and I travel to the UK for AiG--UK’s first major Creation Conference.

But please be in prayer about this—Delta Airlines pilots may go on strike, and there is even talk that such a strike would close down the airline—so we are all a little nervous (though we have booked additional flights on other airlines). This week I have a very busy week of meetings.

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