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At AiG’s Thursday 8:30 am staff meeting, Dr. David Crandall (Director of AiG’s Worldwide Outreach) shared about his recent trip to Asia---and what a trip it was. This was SO exciting---so many doors are opening! Monday’s lead article on our website will give everyone a summary of recent events and link to the audio and slides of the presentation David made Thursday morning. I will also link to the audio file from my blog. This is one of those presentations you HAVE to hear---I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this is. So look for it on Monday.

I have attached a photograph from this morning’s staff meeting.


Changed lives—that’s what AiG is all about—and here is one example from an email this week:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ministry. I attended all of the nights (Sunday morning too) at the recent Modesto, CA Conference. My 14 year old son loved it, I loved it and all of my relatives who came from Sacramento just to hear you loved it!! My husband, father and 18 year old son are not believers, but now I have been equipped with the foundation to be able to talk to them. You've changed my life and I've been a baptized believer for 32 years! Thank you so much!


It is encouraging to receive positive feedback not only from supporters of AiG, but also from our own staff. A staff member sent this to me today in regard to the recent Demolishing Strongholds conference.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the conference last week… Even though I work here and get to hear you and others speak, I wanted to see how this age group would react to you and the other speakers. I have worked with this age group at my church for several years now and it is truly a different generation that still needs and wants to hear the gospel.

After talking to a lot of kids there I was very encouraged to see their excitement and desire to learn more about our Savior and how to defend their faith to others around them. I am sure you get emails like this all the time but, for someone who works here, and doesn't get to be on the "front line" as you say, it encourages me to know that AiG is making a difference in ALL ages of life and especially in our next generation of leaders.

I just want to say thank you for all you do and that you see the need to reach this age group, I hope you will maybe consider having this type of conference not just here but all over the country. Praying for you.

What a great note to end the day on. Thank you Lord for the encouragement. Mally and I drove to Indianapolis last night as I speak Friday and Saturday at the Home School Conference (expected attendance around 5,000). Pray for this conference: Indiana Association of Home Educators.

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