Spring in Kentucky

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Well, I thought you would like to see what the second day of spring was like in Northern Kentucky---just check out the two photographs I took when I got up to go into the office yesterday morning. Because of massive traffic problems on the roads, quite a number of staff did not make it in today---so it was a rather quiet day at the office.


Praise the Lord for encouragement like this:

Bless you and your work AIG!! Your site has transformed my agnostic 15 year old daughter into a believer!! I am ecstatic as this couldn't have happened at a more critical time in her life---5 months ago she was diagnosed with an eating disorder. [She] was extremely skeptical about God and the Bible---she had too many unanswered questions. Well when I discovered your site via Christianity.com, I left it on the computer for her to find when she got on. And that was what it took---it answered so many of her questions.

We purchased the beginners pack from your store and she has shared it with anyone who will listen! She listens to my Christian music now and reads the Bible! Please understand how much happiness you have brought to my family---we have been devastated by her illness. [Her] new found faith in God seems to have taken her to a place of joy in living that she did not have before and I pray that this will help her to fully recover.

I pray for your team and want you to know how very thankful I am. I am a single Mother...I pray words of thanks to God for your work and hope you continue your efforts to answer those tough questions that every intelligent seeker has. I can't say thank you and Bless You enough!


An AiG speaker this year had a unique opportunity: teaching hundreds of public school students. The speaker reported:

We began with two presentations of "Did Anyone Hear a Big Bang?" to over 400 seventh and eighth grade public school students. The principal had a vision to bring this alternative explanation of the origins issue to his students. He gave the students an introduction stating that he wanted them to be exposed to this view, that he believes it, and that it is scientific.

The students were overall very attentive and receptive, even shushing those who weren't, as they heard the difference between observational and historical science illustrated with a discussion of fossil formation, dinosaurs, the Grand Canyon, the Flood, the age of the earth, DNA and information, and the Big Bang. They were shown how the Christian worldview is compatible with real science, and how the evolutionary worldview has serious flaws. The question and answer time confirmed that these students were really thinking. Their questions not only covered many scientific issues but also entered theological areas as they inquired about the existence of God, whether there were dinosaurs in the Bible, and whether Christianity was right to insist it is the only way to heaven---I was asked to make this a yearly event.

Please pray for these young people. What a rare opportunity in today's political climate to reach such students with information that is censored from most of the millions of public school students across the nation.

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