Fire-breathing dragons

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The church photographer at our Avon, Indiana, event was able to capture a striking photo of Buddy with his "fire-breathing dragon." We use this when talking about dragon legends and dinosaurs and Leviathan of Job 41, which the Bible describes as a dragon that has flames that go out of its mouth.

This was all part of the K--6 program this morning---around 1,200 children sat for an hour and a half as Buddy and I brought them a special, fun teaching program. The other photographs show Buddy with his pet dinosaur and some of the children and adults in the auditorium participating in the session.

Buddy and I spoke to upwards of 5,000 different individuals over the past two days.

I am typing this as Mally and I are driving home (Mally is doing the driving, of course!) and using modern technology to send this email to our internet director from the car! We will get home about midnight---it's been a very intensive two days.

On Tuesday we have a pastors luncheon at the Creation Museum---and a number of other meetings.

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