3,000 students reached in Modesto, CA

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The attached photographs show just some of the 3,000 kindergarten through senior high youths who attended the two special school assemblies in Modesto today as part of the AiG conference at Calvary Chapel. So many young people came up and thanked both Jason Lisle and me for the programs.

One little girl came up and said, “Mr Ham, thank you for telling us all about dinosaurs.” “How old are you?” I asked. She held up three fingers! I’m not sure I could even say the word dinosaur when I was three years old!

One of the photos shows some of the adults and children in one of the three overflow rooms that was used. The audience was “electrifying.” Children and adults were SO enthused.

So far we estimate we’ve spoken to 5,500–6,000 different individuals at this Modesto AiG conference.

Feedback from High School Student

We love to get emails like this one:

I just want to let all of you know that I am very thankful to have found your website. As a high school student, it is very hard to deal sometimes, being a Christian. But this website has helped me, in more ways than one. I was able to use information to write a paper about how Creation should be taught in public schools and why evolution is scientifically incorrect. It’s a relief to know that there is a place I can go to find the real science, the truth that supports God's Word. Thanks again!

One more evening to go for the Modesto conference.

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