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Tuesday evening, Mally and I spent the evening in a photography studio with our son and daughter-in-law (Nathan and Kristy) and our three grandkids. Staff member Dan Zordel directed the evening as we took numerous photographs for use in the upcoming book Genesis of a Legacy, coauthored by my brother Stephen and me.

I've attached three photographs: The first is a generational photo---showing grandpa (me), son and grandkids. This photograph will be used in the book when we discuss the importance of leaving a spiritual legacy to your children and children's children. The second photograph is of me reading (from our creation books, of course) to our grandchildren. The third photo is of our three grandchildren, Kathryn, Noah and Malachi.

To "bribe" the grandkids to smile nicely so many times in one night, we promised them a trip to the toy store! Noah was easy to please---he chose something that flashed lights and buzzed when you pressed buttons---the only expensive part of it will be for the parents to keep the batteries up! We had a nice end to the evening with a fire engine roaring into parking lot of the toy store with lights flashing---ladder went up onto the roof---we had no idea what was going on, but they didn't evacuate anyone! A fun night for the grandkids.

The company producing the numerous videos for the Creation Museum came to the office yesterday to go over scripts and visuals for a number of the items being produced. A LOT of detailed work that the public doesn't get to see goes into just this small part of the Creation Museum.


Mally and I take off for California this evening to attend the memorial service for Dr. Henry Morris tomorrow afternoon.


Today I have a reporter from the London Telegraph (UK) to show around---he will also interview Dr. Jason Lisle. I also will do an interview with CDR Christian radio. We had a reporter from the Chicago Tribune lined up for today, but because we are going out to the memorial service, that has been postponed. Tomorrow a DUTCH TV crew are coming for interviews and to see the museum---as I now won't be there, Mike Zovath and Dr. Jason Lisle will do the interviews.


On Saturday, Mally will fly back home and I fly to Modesto for a conference with Dr. Jason Lisle from Sunday through Tuesday evening. I also speak at a special supporter dessert on Saturday night, so it's going to be another busy week of travel and speaking.

Thanks for your prayers,


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