Museum bookstore "evolving"

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I can’t wait to get home Tuesday morning to see the Creation Museum bookstore. While I’ve been in Louisiana, workers have been laying the special wood floor of the museum bookstore—using lots of intelligence, we can see from the attached photographs that the bookstore floor is slowly "evolving!"


I rearranged my schedule this week to fly to California with Mally to attend the memorial service for Dr. Henry Morris who went home to be with the Lord this past Saturday. As one of my heroes of the faith, I want to be a part of this celebration service.

I spoke four times today to all ages (two school assemblies, and two programs tonight). I fly home Tuesday morning and Dr. Jason Lisle finishes out the conference with a special "astronomy night."

Again there were many great responses. People lined up during the breaks and after the programs to ask questions and give feedback concerning how the creation ministry has affected their lives.

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