Dr. Henry Morris has died

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Just after I wrote my blog tonight (Saturday), I received a phone call from our previous pastor in San Diego, Pastor Tom Chesko, to tell me that Dr. Henry Morris went home to be with the Lord.

Dr. Morris is one of my heroes of the faith. He is the man the Lord raised up as the father of the modern creationist movement. The famous book The Genesis Flood, co-authored by Dr. Morris and Dr. Whitcomb, was the book the Lord used to really launch the modern creationist movement around the world. It was the first major creation book I read, and had a special place, therefore, in the beginnings of the creationist movement in Australia.

Our prayers are with the family. This is certainly the end of an era in the history of Christendom. We will no doubt keep you informed of the details concerning arrangements once they are available.

Buddy Davis sent me a photograph of the latest sculpture he is working on—a Mosasaur skeleton for the front of the receptionist desk in the Creation Museum lobby. That should be some unique desk! It will be a exhibit in itself—but that’s what Patrick has planned for the Creation Museum—everything is themed! The Creation Museum is going to be an incredible place.


Well, today, I flew to Shreveport, Louisiana, with Buddy and Kay Davis and Jason Lisle for an AiG conference that begins Sunday morning in Bossier City.

The Delta flight was on time—it even landed early—and then Buddy and Kay found out that NOT ONE PIECE of their luggage arrived! They connected in Cincinnati from Columbus with nearly an hour and a half connection time, and the airline still couldn’t get their luggage on the flight! Plus, the next flight is not until late morning tomorrow! This is just one of the many frustrating aspects of travel. Then we got lost twice trying to find our way from the airport to the Hotel—we used the directions from the internet, but I think an evolutionist wrote the directions—using chance random processes! When we arrived at the hotel (the area is surrounded by casinos), people were in the lobby dressed for the Mardi Gras with lots of interesting stuff to drink---an interesting night for us! Please pray for the seminar.


Today we were featured in a front page article (with my photograph) in the Kentucky Post—looks like it was a reprint of the Los Angeles Times article that terribly misrepresented us (see this previous blog entry). When I arrived at the Cincinnati airport, one of the sky caps saw me and said, "saw your article and photo in the newspaper." I hope he didn’t believe a lot of what he read!


Our youngest child, Kristel, turned 18 today! She was the only one of our five children born in the USA (San Diego). We had a special family get-together for lunch. She requested a chocolate-chip-cookie cake for dessert! I tasted a tiny bit of it—just enough to know I don’t understand the tastes of American teenagers! Kristel graduates from homeschool this year and is looking to go to Liberty University and study kinesiology.

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