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We were blessed with the music ministry of the Diggles family this morning at our 8:30 am staff meeting. The two young daughters (6 and 10 years old) recited Psalm 8 and then Dad sang a few songs with them. You can listen to the short program they gave this morning at this link: The Diggles Family.


In the wake of "Evolution Sunday," and the letter that 10,000 clergy signed to support evolution, it is thrilling to see Christians respond in a positive way. At the following link (which was sent to us recently), you can read an "Open Letter Concerning Christianity and Creation" that Christian leaders who believe in a literal creation are encouraged to sign:

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Monty White, CEO of Answers in Genesis--UK, sent this thrilling note recently:

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One of our supporters from Norway sent us this story about what her daughter did on Darwin Sunday:

Subject: Darwin Sunday Greetings AiG!

I'm happy to tell you that yesterday, "Darwin Sunday", my daughter Veronica (aged 16) gave her first public lecture. It was a power point presentation in Norwegian on the subject of dinosaurs and the Bible. The audience included the head boy of our local secondary school (whom Veronica got to know on her visit to Romania last year) and three friends. They listened carefully, made notes and came with questions. So many of these were on the Bible and why we should trust it, that Veronica promised to give her next talk on that subject. The teens said they hoped it would be soon!

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