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This past week, Dr. John Baumgardner (ICR scientist renowned for his work on catastrophic plate tectonics), spent two days with the Creation Museum team being videoed for one of the exhibits associated with the Flood. We are thrilled that ICR is working with AiG to allow three of their scientists to work with AiG scientists and the museum team as we finalize exhibits.


A long mocking article on AiG and the Creation Museum appeared in the Los Angeles Times today. The reporter spent two days at our AiG conference in New Jersey. It’s sad to see the "spin" she put on various things we said—also the terminology she uses such as "evangelists" and "preach." She certainly didn’t want us to come across as teaching on science, etc. However, articles like this also give us publicity. This article is in great contrast to yesterday’s article from the Columbus Dispatch that accurately quoted us and was not in such a mocking tone.

The following sections from the article gives you an idea of the sort of misrepresentation prevalent throughout the article:

Hundreds of pastors will preach a different message Sunday, in honor of Charles Darwin's 197th birthday. In a national campaign, they will tell congregations that it's possible to be a Christian and accept evolution. Ham considers that treason. [Note: I have never used the word "treason" for this.] When pastors dismiss the creation account as a fable, he says, they give their flock license to disregard the Bible's moral teachings as well. He shows his audiences a graphic that places the theory of evolution at the root of all social ills: abortion, divorce, racism, gay marriage, store clerks who say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."
As those of you who have followed our ministry know, we explain (and I go to great lengths to explain in a talk) that the teaching of evolution / millions of years has caused many to doubt or disbelieve the Bible—and the more people do not believe the Bible is the absolute authority—the more they believe man is the authority—the more morality will be relative and so people can (doesn’t mean they will) justify all sorts of moral ills such as abortion, etc. The article continues:
The science Ham finds so dangerous holds that the first primitive scraps of genetic material appeared on Earth nearly 4 billion years ago. From these humble beginnings, a huge diversity of species evolved over the eons, through lucky mutations and natural selection.
I went to great pains at the seminar to say we love science—talking about observational science—it’s not such science that is the problem, but people’s beliefs about the past that are used to interpret observations of the present—I had two sessions where I carefully explained about species forming within a kind and explaining this was the opposite of molecules-to-man evolution.

Well, I guess I could spend hours critiquing this article—but you can read it for yourself at: LA Times ---Their Own Version of a Big Bang


Dr. Monty White from Answers in Genesis--UK forwarded a thrilling conversion testimony. He emailed me to tell me that he has been told about a young couple who have recently became Christians. The significance for Answers in Genesis is that the key to the lady's conversion was Monty speaking at a Sunday morning a couple of months before. This helped to answer many of the questions that the lady had, especially regarding how someone could be a scientist but also believe the Bible. This is a real encouragement to us as it shows God using our wonderful ministry to inform minds and to change hearts.

Yes—that’s what this ministry is all about.

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