Fire alarms and power poles

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It was a great day (Friday) in New Jersey. 2,300 students attended the K--6 school assembly program this morning. It is so thrilling to be able to teach children the truth about God's Word concerning creation and salvation.

The 2,000-seat auditorium was fairly full this afternoon for the junior/senior high program. So many teenagers came up afterwards to thank me. One 16-year-old said she was brought up on AiG material and it has meant so much to her---it enabled her to defend her faith. She said that so many of her friends are confused about what to believe---she is so thankful to the Lord her parents brought her up with creation teaching.

At the end of the afternoon program (and thankfully it was at the end), apparently a couple of young children pulled on one of the fire alarms. I praise the Lord this didn't happen during the program, as then we would have had to empty the auditorium. Of course the fire engine and police then came.

As soon as I finished the K--6 program, a committee member (from the organizing committee) raced up on stage and told me the big Christian radio station in the area (actually, one of the biggest Christian radio stations in the USA---WMCA) wanted to do a live interview with me---he said, "you're on in a couple of minutes." Lots of people wanted to talk with me and take photographs, so I had to race off stage, do the live interview, then come back to various families wanting to take photographs of me with their children, etc.

I had a few families tell me that AiG speakers are their children's heroes or TV stars! It is quite humbling to know children hold us up as role models---it's scary!

We also found out that during the program, a car hit a power pole down the street that carried power to the auditorium. Someone told me there were only three inches of wood holding the power pole up---so I also praise the Lord the pole didn't break or we would have been without power for that program!

The 2,000-seat auditorium was fairly full tonight for the main conference. People certainly are hungry for this message.


I had a number of pastors come up and thank me and say how much this ministry has meant to them and their church. One pastor pleaded for a program to train his congregation on how to implement creation evangelism. Actually, I do have someone working on the basis for such a program and we do hope to have our curriculum department develop this in the future.

There were many other great testimonies. So many people were lined up during the break that I couldn't get to all of them tonight---we had to start the next session and hopefully I can speak with them later or the next day.

Thanks for stopping by---and keep praying for the seminar.


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