T-Rex and Some Friends Arrive at the Museum

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Just after I left the office late this afternoon, a technician had installed the two animatronic baby T-Rex dinosaurs as part of the waterfall exhibit in the Lobby. It was fascinating to watch these dinosaurs move—children and adults will be fascinated by them. And they are very close to the two animotronic children—this all makes a statement to everyone concerning dinosaurs and humans living at the same time.


Today was a busy day at the office—we had two different groups in to tour the facility—one group drove in two vans from South Carolina. These were employees from Bob Jones University Press in Greenville, South Carolina.

This evening, AiG’s board chairman (Don Landis) and his wife (Bev) arrived for the board meeting this week.


We keep receiving letters of gratitude in response to the recent Boise conference:

“We attended and really enjoyed the recent AIG conference... My girls were so excited that they brought notebooks and took volumes of notes with no encouragement from me whatsoever. One daughter got up the next morning to type up her notes. We attended almost every session. My other daughter reads [Creation] magazine cover to cover every time that it comes, and she said that even though she already knew alot of the information that it was exciting to hear it in person. I have never seen them so excited about any single academic subject (or any other subject). One daughter is in her senior year, and just found out that she is a National Merit Commended Scholar. I am glad that she is prepared for the onslaught of the academic world with a biblical foundation including the Creation. I praise God for the ministry of AIG.”

“The conference was fantastic! I breathed a sigh of relief for you after the very last speaker, knowing all of your hard work toward this conference was drawing to a close, & it had been successful!!! I've never seen so many books being cleared off of tables so fast - what a great tool to empower people. Thanks again for all of your efforts!”

“My wife Cathy, and I both felt that the conference was one of the best we've ever attended. It's about time the churches got back to the basics of their belief and stopped trying to appease everyone in the world by trying to soften up what God says. Ken Ham was great, and does a superb job of delivering the message right on point. We fully intend to visit the Museum when it is finished, and in the mean time we look forward to more from AIG. Well done folks. Keep it coming.”


This is the latest update from Terry Mortenson—he’s out on the road speaking:

“Tom (my AiG event coordinator with me) and I went to a men’s prayer breakfast at 7:30 at Baymeadows Baptist Church and then spent the morning setting up the book tables and sorting out the audio-visual equipment. Then we headed over to First Baptist Church where we had some technological problems to solve (integrating my computer and projector with their TV screens hanging from the ceiling). We got all that sorted out and I finished preparing my talk (while narfing down a Burger King meal) just in time.

I spoke to about 300 high school kids (and a few adults) at this huge church (its complex covers 4 city blocks, I believe, and the sanctuary holds 12,000!). It was a challenging speaking assignment. By the time I stood to speak (at 3:00 pm) they had been out witnessing in Jacksonville for 3+ hours, had a quick lunch and had a one-hour choir practice. And I am not your most dynamic speaker to teenagers! I had never given this particular talk before, was unable to use “presenters view” in PowerPoint as usual (which allows me to see what the next few slides will be after the one I’m explaining) and (as I often do—a great weakness) I put a few too many slides into the talk for the allotted (so I was really speaking fast and leaving out some slides “on the fly”). But I made it. And quite a few students were taking notes.

The youth pastor came up to me afterwards and said, “You really had a tough assignment and held their attention very well. You really got them thinking. We’ll have to have you come back.”

A man in his early 50s told me, “Thank you. My life was totally changed in 1989 by a creation seminar in Miami with Henry Morris and Ken Ham. Keep up the good work. It’s really important.”

A bright and socially mature home-schooled girl said, “Thank you very much. It was very interesting. I took a lot of notes and you answered a lot of questions I had.”

A local Florida creation group is hosting us a few others for supper tonight. After that I will finish preparing for tomorrow morning.

Keep praying. At Baymeadows Baptist I have three talks tomorrow, two on Monday night and three on Tuesday (a K-6th Christian school in the morning and two talks at the church in the evening). Our hosts want to take us to a few historical sights in the city on Monday. I still need to tweak my talks for Monday and Tuesday.



Tomorrow (Sunday) I have a 2 hour interview with a TV crew from New York—then CBS arrives at the office on Monday. Please pray for these interviews.

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