Trouble in the Catholic Church

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"Catholic Church no longer swears by truth of the Bible"

This was the headline of an article published on The Times OnLine about a document the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in England, Wales and Scotland released recently. I have reprinted a few quotes from the article below and then a link to the whole article.

The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has published a teaching document instructing the faithful that some parts of the Bible are not actually true… “We should not expect to find in Scripture full scientific accuracy or complete historical precision,” they say in The Gift of Scripture…But the first 11 chapters of Genesis, in which two different and at times conflicting stories of creation are told, are among those that this country’s Catholic bishops insist cannot be “historical”. At most, they say, they may contain “historical traces”…The Bible is true in passages relating to human salvation, they say, but continue: “We should not expect total accuracy from the Bible in other, secular matters...


Go to the following link to see Buddy Davis’s program on October 22nd advertised on the web site of the sponsoring radio station:


We received the following email today—my wife really appreciated it so I thought I should share it with you all:

“I so much enjoy the "blogs" and follow them each day. I praise God for all the work everyone is doing within AiG. God Bless all. I just want to make sure that Ken Ham and all associates do take time off during the year to be reviatlized! I've been reading the blogs and notice that most of the time they are working seven days a week (with travel and meetings). We do not want anyone to become "burned out" so take time off with family and friends. I pray for your ministry and am looking forward to visiting the Museum soon.”

Well—I mowed the lawn this afternoon---does that count? (big smile!)

We do need to remember that God created in six days and rested for one as pattern for us!


Today I flew home from Boise. Because I’m a Platinum flyer, I praise God I was upgraded (I was on a waitlist) to first class, which enabled me to get a lot of work done. There is no way I can use my computer in economy class—you sit there with your knees stuffed into your face and the seat in front pushed against you with hardly room to breathe! At least in first class I can use my computer. The good news is that there’s very little interruption as there’s virtually no service these days and no food (unless you have a flight over 4 hours)! I was able to write our monthly letter for November and catch up on some emails. It IS interesting in these days of "superior customer service" and the "customer first revolution" (or so business would have us believe) that the airlines seem to be going in the opposite direction!

I spent some time in the office this afternoon—I was able to see my computer back from repairs (apparently they replaced the mother board and two other major components). I hope to get the computer back in the next couple of days once IT has reinstalled everything.

Tomorrow Eitan and Orit Kashtan (and their four children) from Israel are visiting AiG (they hosted Mally and myself for two weeks recently as I spoke across Israel). They will be sharing with the staff on Thursday morning—I hope to have this up on the blog for you to listen to on Friday. I also have a leader's luncheon for managers and directors tomorrow. We are also busy preparing for next weeks major AiG board of directors meeting—Tuesday through Thursday. AiG’s board chairman, Pastor Don Landis will be bringing a teaching devotion to the staff each of these mornings, and I will have them up on the blog the next day. Don is one of the best Bible teachers I have ever heard—so I do encourage you to listen to his powerful and dynamic messages.

I took a quick look at the Creation Museum Dig Site Exhibit –it’s quite spectacular. Go to tthe Museum blog to see the construction in progress: Thanks for stopping by


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