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This is Tom’s last report from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. They are on their way home this morning—we can’t wait to see them and hear the rest of the stories. To see this in the context of the entire trip see: “On the Road to Mississippi—Katrina Outreach Update”.

Today was the big day here at First Baptist Church of Ocean Springs. This morning at 10:00 AM local time, we made the official presentation of the school backpacks to the school superintendent. Anna Hurt accepted the samples on behalf of the school district and addressed the congregation. She did a great job and shared her heart regarding the experiences of many of the school board employees. After that, Dr. Tommy Mitchell took the pulpit and delivered his talk on death and suffering. There were numerous “Amens” throughout the talk and the Holy Spirit used Tommy to share the truth of God’s word with the attendees. We praise God for the decisions that were made at the end of the service. Numerous individuals stopped to speak with the team members and thanked us for supporting the community and for the message that the ministry shares. Later, we presented Pastor Barnett with an AiG Library Pack (one of our comprehensive multi-packs of resources), a couple of AiG tee shirts, and a copy of the Answers Book autographed by Ken.

After the services, we unloaded some of the bulk cleaning supplies here at the church for their use. We then loaded a few more of the hygiene packs into the church van and went around town distributing them. We stopped at a couple of “tent cities” and a nursing home to drop off the packs. At the nursing home, the employees were very thankful to receive the packs. The residents were evacuated prior to the storm, and are due back tomorrow (Monday). The supplies provided by AiG supporters will be used to make their homecoming a little more complete. So there you have it. The items that we brought to Mississippi have spanned generations. From the youngsters who are starting school, to senior citizens who are coming back to their home, the items that we delivered have touched many hearts.

After a good night’s rest, we will head back home tomorrow morning. We are looking forward to getting back, but a piece of our hearts will always remain here in Ocean Springs. It somehow seems sad to be leaving with so much still to be done. But God has called us to serve at AiG, and we trust that He will use others to complete His plans for this area. In fact, a group of forty seminary students from Southern Seminary in Louisville KY have arrived this evening and will spend several days working on projects. Please pray for their safety and that God would raise a mighty force of believers to show the residents of the gulf south that our God is a God of love and that His children seek to be obedient to Him as they serve others. Thank you for your prayers throughout this adventure. We have certainly felt them and we appreciate your love and support.

Tom Miller

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