Of Hurricanes and God’s Love

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AiG at Ocean Springs

The AiG team today unloaded thousands of sets of school supplies for the local public school district at Ocean Springs Mississippi. Tonight I was sent a secular news report on this event. It is worth reading at: http://www.wlox.com/Global/story.asp?s=3890936. Don’t forget to check the daily updates on our special Katrina Relief Blog.

They’re Not Connecting It

This is the title of the lead article on our web site today that I wrote to deal once again with the death and suffering issue in the wake of Hurricane Katrina an the imminent landfall of Hurricane Rita.

Brown Bag Special

We had a special brown bag lunch today for the staff. Long-time supporter and creation speaker Tim Eshelman had a wonderful treat for us during the lunch break today. Tim made a special trip all the way from Middletown, New Jersey to present his 45-minute slide show called “Autumn Blessing.” (Of course, he also wanted to check the progress of the museum’s construction.) Tim had an excellent, well-produced slide presentation on the colors of autumn, and how nature shows God’s handiwork—ending with a look at the evidence that the USA started as a Christian nation. Tim told us that he made this long trip because “I want to be a blessing to the AiG staff for all that it is doing.” Thanks Tim! He and his family are visiting the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington and then they will travel back home.

Buddy Davis Videos on Television

The producers of AiG’s “Creation Adventure Team” videos with Buddy Davis (they are very popular) sent us this report today:

Great news—after years of being convicted that The Creation Adventure team series was to be created to be shown on TV, we just found out that it will be finally airing on TBN THIS SATURDAY. We are trusting that Gods timing is better than ours and that many will be reached. Saturday (24th) at 2:00pm Pacific time. They are going to run the two episodes back to back."

TBN is a large (worldwide) Christian Television Network.

“The Atheist Who’s Selling Jesus”

This is the title of a newspaper article from Australia. A number of churches hired a marketing consultant to try to increase attendance at church. You will find the article interesting, but sad. The real problem is the church has not stood on biblical authority and is not giving answers the world needs. You can read this very revealing article at www.theaustralian.news.com.au.


I have included the following photos:

Tim Eschelman while giving his presentation today

Various pictures associated with loading the trucks and trailers for the trip to Mississippi

Missouri Here I Come

On Saturday, I fly to Missouri for a series of programs Saturday night, Sunday morning and evening in two different churches. I get back Monday morning.

Please pray for the speaking engagements, for safety and for those affected by the hurricanes.

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