News from the UK and Katrina Outreach ready to go!

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Dr. Monty White, CEO of AiG-UK sent this report today:

Well, we are in our new home at last. We all have pleasant clean offices---much better than the old dusty offices in our previous location (an old house built a hundred years ago). Most of the staff are in open plan offices and this has allowed us, for example, to put the Ministry Section with the Finance Section together with our new Writer/Speaker, Paul Taylor. These offices are also on the same floor as the General Office and my Office (I think that in the USA it would be called the second floor). Downstairs we have the warehouse---all our materials are now on the same floor and in the same space area. Before, our warehouse was in four different areas, some in different rooms! This will improve the efficiency of the warehouse operation. We also have a large room which has several functions. We have devotions there at 09.00 every morning. It is also accommodates our library and is our resources room – housing our natural history collections (fossils, shells, etc). It will also be used to hold our all important Board meetings. Our staff are delighted and as an added bonus, there is adequate car parking for them. I am sure that this new building will be a place where our ministry will continue to expand and be a blessing to our country as we try to change the culture and bring people back to believing the Bible from the very first verse, recognising God as their Lord and Saviour and serving him.

God bless, Dr A J Monty White Chief Executive AiG(UK/Europe)


AiG-US congratulates AiG-UK on this great step forward as the creation ministry continues to expand and influence the spiritually dead United Kingdom and rest of Europe.


Yesterday I mentioned that our video department video taped me talking about AiG’s Katrina relief efforts. You can see a portion of that video and at the same time get a bit of a sense of what it was like here yesterday as the volunteers and staff prepared all the items for the big trip to Mississippi tomorrow (Thursday).

View the video when you link to the blog's video page (or click on my picture above).



A Washington Post (one of the leading newspapers in the nation) reporter visited us today to conduct interviews and tour the Creation Museum construction. He spent a total of four hours with Mark Looy and myself--asked good questions and we had a good discussion—we will let you know when the article appears.

This morning I also did two interviews with a Christian radio station in Boise, Idaho to advertise the AiG conference in October. With phone calls, meetings, catching up on emails etc—the day disappeared!

Tonight my wife and I saw ‘War of the Worlds’ movie (I was hoping to maybe write an article about it)—I read the book many many years ago, so it was interesting to see a modern movie (it was a bit slow though) based on this book (it only had one reference to evolution and millions of years!!—so we probably won’t write an article after all).

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