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The two animatronic children have been installed in the Lobby. I had one of our photographers take my photograph wearing my BULLDOGS hat (given to me by the head coach of the Bulldogs during the seminar I spoke at in Georgia) in front of the two children.


Today I walked the around the lake with our VP in charge of the Museum, Mike Zovath. There are three waterfalls under construction, and lots of other exciting things happening. The place is being transformed. Once the waterfall work is more advanced, I will enclose some photographs. This coming Monday's Museum Blog features Tim Schmitt walking you through the various outdoor work that's going on right now. I encourage you to take a look!


Seventy five home school Dads and their sons arrived at AiG on Thursday for a father/son retreat--they are using this retreat to work together on various Museum projects. Some are camping in tents, some are in hotels, RV's etc. Today I saw them working hard in the heat helping install the irrigation system, on the waterfall construction, various gardening projects and so on. At one stage today, a big truck load (semi trailer) of mulch was being delivered and the trailer tipped over--they all got in and worked hard to move the massive amount of mulch that spilled on the road and gardens.

Tonight I had the opportunity to give an hour talk to all the homeschool dads and sons in our special effects theatre. After I finished speaking I took a photo and have enclosed it for you. We're going to miss this group when they go home Sunday afternoon—but what a blessing they have been—they have been an invaluable help. Praise the Lord for the thousands of volunteers that continually stream into AiG to be a part of this project.


Saturday is our picnic for staff, volunteers and their families. We will have hundreds of people on the grounds--the weather forecasters have predicted storms for the day, so we pray the weather doesn't disrupt things too much.

kenatfalls.jpg img_0017_01.jpg Keep praying for AiG

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