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  • This morning (Tuesday) at 9:00 am I did a half hour interview with the Bott Radio Station network.
  • At 10 am I was interviewed for a half hour program that has an audience that is conservative but not necessarily Christian—I spoke about the culture war in America and the reason for the collapse of Christian morality in America and the Western world in general.
  • At noon, Dr. Menton and I were picked up by two Profs from the University of Georgia for lunch. One is an ardent six day young earth creationist (and he is a world renown expert in his field)—the other is a delightful Christian who is more in the "old earth" camp—we had a wonderful lunch and talked about many issues.
  • Tonight, the auditorium again was filled with teens and adults for our final night of the seminar—Buddy also conducted his second children’s workshop. Buddy, myself and Dr. Menton had many exciting responses—many similar to what we hear all the time about lives changed, questions answered, and so on. One young man (in a very strong accent) told me he wanted to help in any way he could to translate materials into Italian. A father told me his family purchased "A is for Adam" for their grandchildren. When their 9 year old grandson read through the book, he said, "now I understand what it means to be a Christian and I want to commit my life to Jesus." A college student said he had a real burden to be able to follow a career in creation ministry and he wanted to know what subjects he should study for his major. One family with 9 children came up to greet me—the father and mother said all the children were ardent creationists and they just loved our ministry. Another 13 year old young man came up and said, "I just wanted to meet you and tell you I so appreciate what you say—I love your teaching."

One of the people who attended a number of the sessions was the head football coach (Mark Richt) for the University of Georgia—the Georgia BULLDOGS are the best University team in the nation I’m told. Tonight, the pastor of the church presented me with an autographed photograph of Mark Richt and a cap he autographed for me. I’ll have to hide these from my son Jeremy as he will be very jealous!

The pastor of the church told me they had Dr. Henry Morris many years ago for a seminar in the church and that this church is known for its stand on creation and the infallibility of God’s Word. People who attended the seminar came from many different churches and many drove long distances. The pastor told me he met one man tonight he drove 2 hours from Augusta Georgia each day/night to attend each meeting—this person gets up at 4am in the morning for work each day!

There is no doubt this seminar has had a great impact on this area.

We get up at 4 am in the morning to get to the airport for a 5:40 am flight to Charlotte and then a connecting flight home. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to this flight. The flight is on one of the commuter airlines. To get to Athens I flew to Atlanta and then was driven to Athens. Buddy and Kay and Dr. Menton flew into Athens on the same commuter plane we will all be traveling back on. After they landed, the co-pilot told the passengers, that due to the weight of the luggage, they had to take some of the luggage off before people got off or the plane would tip up!!! Then, when the people were allowed to get off, they had to take some of the back rows off first so the plane wouldn’t tip up! Also, when their flight took off for Athens, they were told the air conditioning wasn’t working—that was when the temperatures were in the very high 90’s!! TRUE STORY! I’m not sure I’m looking forward to the flight out!

Thanks for stopping by — and please pray for us as we travel.


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